Tagetes – natural control

Tagetes – natural control –
Africans in the vegetable garden
Tagetes is sustainable! – This grower is doing well, marigolds as a natural pesticide against nematodes. Tagetes (marigolds) are also used in the vegetable garden against insects and they also provide a lot of color.

The marigold must first take root in the ground. Nematodes live in the soil and eat from the roots of the plant. They won’t survive this. They also don’t like the smell of marigolds.

However, they do not work against all types of nematodes. But in the vegetable garden this is a great way against pests. They are often planted between potatoes.

sowing marigolds
You can buy marigolds at the garden center or sow them yourself. After the Ice Saints, at the beginning of May, the chance of frost is almost nil. Then you can pre-sow the plants in trays or in rows in your garden. When a few leaves are attached, you can plant them out. You either put them in a larger pot or you place them directly at their destination.

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