Beautiful autumn bloomers

This black cohosh or Cimicifuga is not well known to many. Wrongly I think, because you have to experience this once.
When all summer bloomers have finished flowering, the black cohosh starts. White/pink spikes bloom as if it were spring. You can smell a sweet perfume smell far around the plant. The dark purple foliage contrasts nicely with the white flowers.

Cimicifuga care is not difficult. Only in the spring do you cut the plant to the bottom and every autumn it gives you a sea of ​​flowers.
In March and June you sprinkle some grains of plant food and the plant has enough for a whole year.

The plant likes a somewhat moist soil and is strong. The plant has already survived many harsh winters.

Combine black cohosh with beautiful grasses such as pennisetum, miscanthus sinensis, carex, festuca, stipa or bamboo species.

The black cohosh is also beautiful as a solitary plant. Some plant these in pots.

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