Tobacco leaves – Lyrata
The Ficus Lyrata is also called fiddle leaf plant, but is best known as the tobacco plant. The sturdy houseplant is characterized by its large and striking leaves. He loves light and likes to shine in a sunny spot. The tobacco plant also likes a drink, this thirsty plant likes to be in moist soil.

Rubber plant – Elastica
The Ficus Elastica is also called Indian rubber tree. That name does not come out of nowhere, the plant used to be grown on plantations to extract rubber. Nowadays another tree species has been found that produces more rubber, so the plant especially likes to be in our living rooms. In addition to a sunny location, the Ficus Elastica likes small amounts of water, without getting wet feet.

Graceful trunk – Microcarpa
The Ficus Microcarpa is a real eye-catcher thanks to its beautiful, often winding trunk. It is best to purchase the plant in spring or summer, in autumn a new Ficus quickly loses its leaves due to a change in light. The species is often grown in mini format as a bonsai tree. Then it is often called Ginseng, which means carrot in Chinese.

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